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Practice Areas

Business Separations and Partnership Disputes

Attorneys in this practice group are well-versed and have significant experience assisting business owners to resolve disputes among partners and co-owners. Often times these disputes concern financial improprieties and require detailed and skilled financial and forensic analysis. Other times, there are widely divergent plans for the future of the business or concerns over the contributions of a member. By the time we are approached to assist a doctor, dentist, real estate developer, or other business owners in a dispute, productive discussions between the owners have often broken down, but our experienced attorneys can still help navigate a pre-litigation resolution. In the event litigation is necessary, we have successfully defended partnership disputes on behalf of owners and prosecuted other claims resulting in 7-figure verdicts. Regardless of the business size or type of dispute, we work with our clients to craft a strategy designed to resolve the dispute in the most advantageous and efficient manner.